Uncle Ben?s brand rice has been renamed Ben?s Original, and the portrait of Uncle Ben himself has been eliminated from the brand identity and packaging. Read More

The Corporation for National and Community Service has many well-known U.S-based volunteer organizations under its umbrella moniker, including AmeriCorps VISTA, the National Civilian Community Corps, various state and national AmeriCorps programs, SeniorCorps, and the Volunteer Generation Fund. But its own name was not at all memorable. Read More

Made Thought has created a new identity for Swedish furniture company Hem. Read More

Design agency Ragged Edge has created a new name and identity for myLotus, a company whose tech products help people become pregnant. The new name, Mylo, is distinctly less feminine and more non-gender-specific. Read More

?Russian design agency Depot has created a clever branding scheme for a dairy client that builds a strong presence on store shelves. Read More

Striving to keep its beauty products relevant after 135 years of business, Avon has yet another new brand identity, replacing a system that was just launched in 2019. The identity has a stronger personality: an introduction video says it is meant to be both feminine and bold. Read More

WGBH is known around the world for such signature television programming as Nova, This Old House, and Antiques Roadshow. As of September 1, 2020, the organization?s new name and brand will be simply GBH to reflect that it has grown from being a TV broadcaster to a full content streaming service. Read More

The Edison Agency has created a new brand identity for food manufacturer Arnott?s?now The Arnott Group?that has cause a great deal of unhappiness among Australian consumers, especially those who love Tim Tam biscuits/cookies. Read More

Mother Design has created a new identity for publisher Penguin Michael Joseph, bringing back a familiar character, the book-reading mermaid. The mermaid symbol, in various iterations, has been part of the Michael Joseph system since the publisher was founded in 1935. Read More

Design agency House of Van Schneider recently had an opportunity its staff could never have imagined: to design a logo for NASA?s Mars Rover, which launched on July 30, 2020. Read More

In 2019, Zebco stopped talking to just old guys in plaid shirts and redefined fishing as an enjoyable pastime for younger generations Read More

Learn how design firm YummyColours worked with the Pantone Color Institute to create a new bespoke color for its client Afterpay. Read More

Design studio DutchScot has created a complex, illustration-based identity for a Chinese restaurant in Dubai. Read More

Ten design professionals weigh in on the Biden/Harris campaign logo, including this from Eddie Opara, a partner with Pentagram. Read More

Gretel has created a new identity for National Instruments, now named NI, a company that creates automated test and measurement systems. Company managers say the new brand was needed to communicate that NI products provide holistic systems and services, not simply one-off software and hardware products. Read More

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